Legal Survival Guide can help with adulthood


More than 200,000 Florida high school seniors recently concluded a uniquely challenging school year - and many will soon face a new set of challenges that come with adulthood, from leasing an apartment to understanding the consequences of underage drinking.
With the goal of making this transition easier for young Floridians, The Florida Bar has revamped its legal guide for teens and young adults by launching a new website and brand name, Legal Survival Guide: Florida Laws You Should Know. The online guide is packed with FAQs on Florida laws that young people need to know, especially after they turn 18 years old and are considered a legal adult.
As a member of the Bar's Law Related Education Committee, I encourage young adults, educators, and parents of young adults to use the guide as an educational resource.
The Legal Survival Guide answers common legal questions young people may have including: "What are the penalties for a fake ID?" and "How does federal income tax work?" Additional guide topics include contracts, student loans, medical marijuana, texting while driving, and sexual cyber harassment. The website also provides critical information on how to navigate the court system, how to communicate with law enforcement, and what rights are granted in case of arrest.
The Legal Survival Guide is an invaluable tool that can be used to find basic information on Florida laws. Navigating adulthood isn't easy, but the Legal Survival Guide can help.
Christopher N. Patterson
Chief Judge
14th Judicial Circuit of Florida


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