Dancing Witches open up understanding and dialogue


The Port St. Joe Christmas Parade was a smashing success and a special thanks needs to go to city staff with a great big thanks to Ms. Charlotte as well as Jim for making sure all was accomplished according to plan in the spirit for which it was intended. Understanding the Joy the parade event brought to many during difficult times is so important. Great Work and Very Well Done.

This brings me to the next place of understanding. And honestly, that is what I’m open to do in my life. Understanding first of all, we are people and our differences here on Earth may result in challenges. Causing emotional upset to some is always, or at least should be, an opportunity for open dialogue. A dialogue of understanding and purpose.

Sometimes one may need to dive into uncomfortable territory. For example, should Santa Claus be discouraged from Christmas? After all, he can fly and has flying reindeer that get him from point A to point B. He can twitch his nose, wink, and smile in order to make things happen like getting gifts to all believers around the world. Neat trick. One may even suggest he has magical powers, and we all love his jolly happy laugh. Who would discourage such Hope? Do we discourage the Easter Bunny, or the eggs? Do we discourage the fat little childlike angels during Valentine’s Day? Or let’s take the leprechauns during St. Patrick’s Day as we’re searching for the rainbow and the pot of gold. Don’t even get me started on Thanksgiving and the feast we share, because the intent of that holiday has also been altered quite a bit.

Over the thousands of years, females of all ages have been discussed and in some cases murdered because they are considered to be “The Other.” This reality occurred just because they thought differently or may not have lived a life based on what the Tribe in charge decided was best. But, in some cases these females have made great contributions to the world. They were considered to be “Women Mystics.” They helped shape Christianity as we know it today. Religious leaders even trusted their spiritual prophecies. Some of these ladies were really quite young. Ladies like St. Catherine of Siena, Joan of Arc, St. Teresa, St. Catherine of Genoa, St. Clare of Assisi, Julian of Norwich, St. Bridget of Sweden and one of my favorites, St. Christina, born in Belgium in 1150 who was orphaned at the age of 3. She avoided contact with humans and would go to great lengths to avoid contact with them by climbing trees and flying onto roofs. Her feast day is July 24. I would love to see them all in the next parade.

I think embracing those who have no malice in their Hearts, have no nefarious intent in their being, acting joyfully with love of charity in their offerings is very much of the Christmas Spirit. I believe God gives us a sense of humor for a reason. I believe humor, not based in Ego, is healthy.

Many of the female persuasion have been called Witches especially by those unable to conquer them. Embracing the name Witch and becoming a dancing Witch is just another way to say, “Yes, okay, I’m a Witch and I have no fear of you calling me such. Now, I’m going to dance and give all offerings away to a great cause.”

So, thank you for the letter to the editor (See Dec. 30 Star “Witches do not belong in Christmas parade”) Although I won’t be joining your way of thinking any more than I’m going to join the Dancing Witches, I do appreciate the opportunity to have a thoughtful response. Because we are all so Blessed and isn’t it wonderful we live in a time where they no longer burn Witches at the stake? At least that I’m aware of at this point.

Happy 2022,

Christy McElroy

Port St. Joe


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