Casting call set for 'It’s a Wonderful Life'


Auditions for the Panhandle Players’ Christmas holiday production of “It’s A Wonderful Life, A Live Radio Play,” by Joe Landry, are set for Monday and Tuesday, Oct. 4 and 5, at 5 p.m., at the Chapman Theatre, Apalachicola.

The classic holiday story is set on Christmas Eve sometime in the 1940s. Small town business owner and family man George Bailey contemplates giving everything up when his life’s dreams, his business, and his family are caught up in what he perceives as his failures. As Bailey desperately stands on a bridge spanning the town’s river, an angel appears by his side. Clarence Oddbody, Angel Second Class, tries to save Bailey from the brink, by showing him what his life and his worth have really been all about.

Director Pam Vest will be looking for a minimum of four females and six males, who will each play several characters. Since there are 25 characters to be portrayed, casting will be flexible, with additional actors if talent is available. Females range in age from 20 to 80, males from 25 to 80. Auditioners will be asked to do a cold read from the play’s script.

Since this is a “radio” play, with a live studio audience, actors will “read” their scripts into old-fashioned style microphones on stands, as was done in radio shows of the past. Thus, we are seeking strong expressive voices. Performers will double as various ages and use various character voices. Actors who can carry a tune (for the singing commercials), or play the piano, are also sought.

Performances of “It’s A Wonderful Life, A Live Radio Play” will be Friday through Sunday, Dec. 3-5, at the Chapman.

Contact Pam Vest (850) 927-3183 or e-mail  for additional information.


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