Build Back Better BS


The Democrats' lobbyist-driven “Infrastructure Bill” recently passed, but the Build Back Better plan ("Human Infrastructure") plan is meeting resistance even though they named it something alliterative, which made it sound adorable.

I studied it, and the Build Back Better plan is a three-step process. First, the Dems take the money from us via taxes, then they borrow more to further mire our nation in debt, and then -- and this is the important third step -- they set about wasting the money.

I have asked for years for anyone out there to email me if their town got a bridge, a road, or anything from Obama/Biden’s “shovel ready jobs” Stimulus Bill of 2011. We were promised infrastructure, for which most of us do not mind paying. But instead we got handouts to public sector unions and Democrat bagmen. Why should we think these bills would be any different?

To get the first bill done, Nancy Pelosi lied. She did her best to channel her inner Oprah and went around to congressmen saying, “And you get a road, and you get a road, and you get a bridge.”

Many of the components of, and the demands in the purported "Human Infrastructure Bill," are racial. CNN's April Ryan said we should make sure we address racial inequality when we build roads -- in short, saying roads are racist. I thought we got rid of racial tensions when we got that lady off the pancake syrup bottle. But no. Apparently there is more work to do.

Thank goodness for Senators Manchin and Sinema. They held the line on some of the insanity. The simple fact is, there are 10 million unfilled jobs in the economy, so why do we need government stimulus to get the economy going? Some of these government-dependent lay-abouts need to get off the couch and stop watching Maury Povich, go take a help wanted sign down on almost all the businesses around town, and make a living. Stimulus, if ever needed, is NOT needed when the economy has plenty of unfilled jobs.

The weak and watered down way the first bill was passed is partially because Joe Biden's popularity rating is down to 37 percent now. Go to any sporting event in the South and many in the North, and you will hear vulgar chants directed toward Joe Biden. He is starting to think his name is Brandon.

He is still blaming others. And he notes that all great Democrat presidents were known by their initials. JFK, LBJ and now him: FJB.

Biden can no longer cloak his bad policies in self-aggrandizing goals of "social justice" and "economic equality." Every time Americans go to the pump, they see how bad things are.

At the Climate Summit in Glasgow (you know, where government officials and billionaires flew private jets into meetings in other countries to tell us not to use waste fuel), Biden became a joke. The British press mocked his flatulence; even Joe's acolytes in the media ran the story of his gassy emissions next to world leaders. But on the bright side, Jen Psaki pointed out, that was the first time gas was below $4 in months.

Aside from the Afghanistan pullout debacle, gas prices, inflation higher than Hunter Biden on a weekend and personal gaffes, Biden's Secretary of Transportation (you know him as the lovable former mayor Pete Buttigieg of South Bend, Indiana), has messed up the supply chain. Three hundred and fifty thousand ships are stranded outside of LA. Even Black Lives Matters officials issued a stern warning to the administration that they would discontinue looting stores until the shelves are once again appropriately stocked.

The kink in the supply chain is causing clear problems for Democrats. The New Jersey race where a Republican almost won that dark blue state and Terry McAuliffe's loss in Virginia to a novice Republican candidate are concerning to Dems. They could have just been blamed on the supply chain: 100,000 votes for McAuliffe from China, destined for Alexandria, Virginia, got stuck on a ship at the Port of Long Beach.

Putting “Mayor Pete” Buttigieg in charge of the unnecessarily big 55,000-employee federal government Department of Transportation was a mistake. Clearly the best fit for him would have been Secretary of Interior—Design.

Democrats have taken no responsibility for the terrible results that their policies have wrought. Biden blamed COVID and Trump. And Alec Baldwin blamed his assistant prop manager.

Ron Hart is a syndicated op-ed humorist, award-winning author, and TV/radio commentator; you can reach him at or Twitter @RonaldHart.


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