An update on the Clinton Crime Family Foundation


I have stated over the years that the Clinton Family Foundation was nothing more than a political operation disguised as a charity. It existed to funnel money to the Clintons and to advance their brand. Every money-moving operation must have accomplices and other “muscle” to make the criminal enterprise hum.

One of the latest muscle-heads, Clinton campaign attorney Michael Sussman, was indicted last week for something Hillary Clinton also did: lie to the FBI.

The indictment surrounds Sussman’s effort to perpetuate the “Russian Hoax.” You know, the one where two men who enjoyed the fruits of America (Donald Trump and Jefferson Beauregard Sessions) decided, at the age of 70, to become Russian agents. It made about as much sense then when the media and the Deep State told us it was true as it does now, when it has been completely debunked -- $45 million and four years later.

Let me get ahead of this story right now and say that Sussman’s “committing suicide” next month needs investigating. Or maybe not next month. Chris Sign, who told of the 2016 secret meeting between then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton on that tarmac during the email probe of Hillary, committed suicide. The five-year interval just indicates to most of us paying attention that Hillary is moving a bit more slowly and may have lost a step at the age of 74.

The Clintons ran their Harlem-based (ostensible) charity, which shook down foreign despot leaders for money for political protection, out of the publicly-funded Clinton Presidential Library, since Arkansas has lower taxes than New York. This was the only non-stripper charity Bill did not fund in Arkansas, and his is the only presidential library with a “Ladies Get in Free, 2-for-1 Drinks” night.

These same nefarious foreign actors who enjoyed donating anonymously to the Clinton Crime Family Foundation via a Canadian bundler when they had power will soon have the biggest private collections of Hunter Biden art.

Hillary famously said she and Bill were not only broke but in debt when they left the White House. Yet they had a nice, three-story, multimillion dollar home near New York City. The Clintons have always had three stories: the one they tell the press, the one they tell a grand jury, and the truth.

The Clintons probably learned their self-enrichment techniques from Vice-Hypocrite Al Gore. When Gore ran for president in 2000, the federally-required filing of his net worth was $700,000. According to CBS News, his net worth now exceeds $300 million, even after Tipper divorced him. The Clintons and Obamas, fellow career “public servants,” are worth about the same. It’s a good thing they are libs and the money doesn’t mean anything to them.

Gore made his money by shaking down Silicon Valley and selling government-issued TV station licenses to that oil-rich/carbon emissions monster, the government of Qatar. Captain Crony Capitalist Al Gore set the model for the Clintons: Act like you are doing something noble like “saving the planet” and then shake down governments and corporations for money. Ask Haiti.

While Biden follows the Clintons around with their corrupt, self-enriching brand of politics, he did not create a false distraction around his embarrassing handling of the Afghanistan pullout. It was the most bungled pullout since Bill Clinton’s withdrawal from Monicastan in 1999.

The Clintons have screwed over more white Democrat operatives than any grand jury could have time for. It’s so bad that “Slick Willie” Clinton became the only white Southerner to relocate to Harlem for his personal safety.

For those keeping track, purportedly piously pro-women and MeToo movement enthusiasts Democrats like Bill Clinton, Harvey Weinstein, Jeffrey Epstein, Eliot Spitzer, Anthony Weiner, Joe Biden and now Andrew Cuomo all turned out to have women-molesting issues. Maybe they can carve their faces into a mountain in upstate New York for a tourist attraction and call it Mount Touch More.

Ron Hart, a libertarian syndicated op-ed humorist, award-winning author and TV/radio commentator, can be reached at, or visit


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